Dispatch Management System

Our system optimizes profitability by automatically recommending the optimal route to driver and vehicle based on hours of service, availability, compliance, seniority and service needs.

Automated Dispatch with Driver App

Clear order instructions

Having the driver app your drivers will be able to receive clear visible orders with the most important data right on the screen. This allows a driver to analyses an order in a few seconds and approve or reject it right away.

Navigation to pickup and drop-off

We show passenger location on the map and navigate a driver through every point on the route. Any android smartphone or tablet can be used to run the app, which helps you to attract more drivers.

Automated driver billing

We offers an integrated automated driver billing system. What it does is basically allows you to automate your relationship with a driver in a form of monthly, per-job or both payments. All billing is automatic and handled with credit card payments directly on your bank account. With no extra fees taken.

  • Automate payments
  • Calculate earnings

Audit, Payment & Claims

Maximizes savings by converting data from multiple manual and automated sources into a single database of freight invoices.

  • Allow match or auto payment to carriers
  • Support audit on accessorial and line haul charges
  • Enable payment or interfaces to financial systems to pay within defined tolerances
  • Manage invoicing and reconciliation through carrier portal or electronic communication
  • Support claim management and settlement
  • Allocate freight costs to the SKU level

Carrier Management

Our system will help motor carriers to manage their operations through dispatch optimization and automation, fuel optimization and profitability analysis.

  • Target the most profitable freight to keep network in balance and maximize yield
  • Improve miles per truck per day and revenue per truck per day
  • Reduce driver turnover and increase home-time and miles
  • Boost on-time pickup and delivery, customer service and profitability
  • Comply with federal regulations like Hours of Service

Multiple Service Examples

Any service on demand

Whether it is a taxi, limo or motor bike delivery you can launch it within a few days. Our system supports a variety of service classes out of the box and adding a new one is a piece of cake.

Multiple rates and payment options

Each service class has its own rate as well as payment options. Your executive cars can be available for pre-booking with credit card only, while your regular classic vehicles can deal with cash. You configure it according to your business needs.

Manage orders with Dispatch Panel

Beautiful, simple yet functional design. All your orders are in one place, listed and sorted by relevancy. That helps your operators provide a quicker more efficient service. We spent a lot of efforts to make address search work as a Swiss clock. As in any dispatch service there is keyboard navigation and phone line integration. Worldwide geo-coding is only available in our taxi software

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