Legal Software

Our Software is flexible and comprehensive Legal Accounts and Practice Management system designed specifically for small and medium sized law practices.

Legal Accounts

Legal Accounts is an area so specialized that it forms part of a solicitor’s training. Law firms generally have to handle client’s money, pay for services on behalf of clients (disbursements) and ensure they comply with the SRA Accounts Rules. General accounting systems simply don’t handle these things well, if at all.

  • Client and Matter Accounting
  • Accounts for Your Business

Legal Practice Management

Law Firms of all sizes require good practice management information to allow partners and directors to make informed strategic decisions as well as providing information on the day-to-day running of the firm. From assessing the profitability of each department to generating the figures required for your Indemnity Insurance, a law firm needs a Practice Management System that will help inform, guide and assist with the management of the firm.

  • Staff and workload
  • Software and technology
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Marketing
  • Client relationships and development
  • Compliance
  • Firm Performance vs Budgets
  • Fee Earner Performance vs Budget
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Debtors Control

Case Management

The term Case Management means a different things to different people. When we talk about Case Management we mean giving Solicitors and Support Staff the tools they need to efficiently handle their cases. The Insight Legal System contains all of the functionality required to assist Fee Earners in progressing and managing their cases without being too prescriptive about what should be done and when. We include all of the functionality for creating documents, delivering and storing emails, maintaining case specific data along with document management and integrating your diary.

  • Managing your cases
  • History of documents and emails
  • Defining and adding Case Specific Information
  • Integrating emails
  • Matter Diary
  • Document Production


Law firms are required to operate within the rules set out by the Law Society, SRA and HMRC (amongst others). This covers things from performing proper conflict checks, ensuring client money is handled correctly and the interest is paid, to make sure your suppliers are paid promptly when a client pays their bill. Without a system built with compliance considered at every stage of its design and evolution, can you be sure you and your practice are not inadvertently failing to meet your obligations under the frequently evolving rules? The requirement to have a designated COLP & COFA means that more than ever law firms need the systems in place that can help with the compliance of all the regulations.


Law firm bills usually include professional services (whether time recorded or not) and disbursements. These need to be brought together and a bill generated that includes all of the correct figures, with VAT applied only to the relevant transactions. Most general accounting systems can do billing- very few will bring together a |Fee Earner’s costs, disbursements and correctly applied VAT, whilst also ensuring you comply with SRA regulations when the bills are paid.

  • Bill Requests
  • Use your Own Templates
  • Process Bill Requests

Time Recording

Not every firm does time recording, but those that do, they need a really flexible and easy to use time recording system that integrates into other areas of the system such as billing. A system that is designed specifically for solicitors allows for billing by the unit (whatever you deem to be a unit) and allows tracking of WIP and total time over the life of a case, along with plenty of analysis of the work done by Fee Earner, department, matter type etc.

  • Define how you work
  • Time Record your way

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